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Why Pay More?

Many hosting providers will offer you a fixed amount of space and bandwidth for a fixed monthly fee but that will often include either much more space or bandwidth than you will actually need (even though the cost may still be reasonable). Effectively you are wasting your money unless you can use all the space and bandwidth from the start. MWS was set up to offer low cost solutions we are offering you just the amount of space or bandwidth you need and always at the lowest possible price, meaning you will never pay for more than you need. Our unique approach using blocks of space or bandwidth allows you to choose the package which is best for you and at any time you can upgrade or downgrade as is needed, again helping you stay in control of your website costs. To calculate a price specific to your needs please use the hosting calculator on the home page.

We currently have a special website offer giving you everything you need to get started online with your very own domain name, basic web hosting, unlimited email accounts and home page design all set up and uploaded for just €60. - see details.

For more information please browse our site and feel free to contact us.


We aim to be the best value solution for web hosting in Malta and will do our best to beat any other package listed online. Please email us with the details and we will adjust our prices or specifications accordingly.

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